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We use the latest technology in production of wood wares. Our machinery resources were completely renewed between 2005 and 2009..

The materials
The materials we use to produce our wares meet even the highest expectations of our Clients. The wood we use in manufacture is specifically selected and triple laminated, to provide the highest stability, durability and deformation resistance.

You will find two profiles in our offer: JV-68, JV-88. The profile number corresponds to the thickness of the window wing, given in millimetres The varieties differ in terms of energy efficiency. The JV-68 variant possesses a double glass packet that has the thermal transmittance factor U=1,0W/m2K. The JV-88 possesses a triple glass packet that has the thermal transmittance factor U=0,5W/m2K

Manual finish
Perfectly smooth surfaces and a precise finish are achieved by: using modern machines, as well as manually finishing the details.

Every item and detail of our products is manually polished, giving them the highest and unique quality.

PVC and Aluminium
Trade cooperation

To our Clients, who are interested in PVC and Aluminium construction woodwork, we offer extremely low trading prices on windows and door supplied by Vetrex (products based on Veka profile) and Elwiz (products based on Aluplast profile). Sarex guarantees the unique quality of these wares and offers attractive prices, a wide variety of choice, and professional installation.

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