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About us

We are a medium-sized family business, which was started in Jordanowo in 1985. For 20 years we have been dealing professionally with woodworking and manufacturing wooden wares of the highest quality.

The majority of our production are: windows (38% of overall production), door (30%), and stairs (18%), which are produced individually according to the specifics provided by our Clients.

Applying the latest woodworking technology, as well as performing woodwork manually, ensures workmanship precision and the highest quality of our products.

Our staff amounts to 16 people, of which many are craftsmen with many years of extensive experience in woodworking and production of wooden wares. Many of our workers started their professional careers as our apprentices.

In the 1980s we realised production ordered mainly by Polish Clients. Because of the construction boom of the 1990s, we noted a notable increase in the number of made orders and in the number of our Clients. They are both private people and enterprises, including German businesses as our company is located in the vicinity of the Polish-German border.

In 2011 we broadened the variety of our products, by including door and windows made of PVC, Aluminium, as well as wood and Aluminium. Bearing the reputation of our company in mind, we offer You products only of the highest quality.

We will gladly come to Your residence, to discuss Your requests and how to fulfil them.

After completing the production of door and windows chosen individually by You, we also offer transport and installation services.

Our prices for woodwork, transport, and installation are sure to be a pleasant surprise for You.

Jan Knużyński
The owner
Master craftsman, awarded with the Golden Badge in Craftsmanship

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