IDEAL 5000® is a constant 3-6-chamber system with a depth of 70 mm and 3 levels of sealing that stands out for its extremely good insulation. With specially developed reinforcements the system IDEAL 5000® in combination with special glazing beads the system has even passive-house-standard.

The extraordinary construction creates a very slim outside view of the airfoil that highlights the window and makes it particularly attractive.




  • 70 mm depth
  • heat insulation characteristics for the profile Uf-value = 1.2 W/m²K
    (passive house capability with relevant components)
  • glazing thickness up to 41 mm
  • sound insulation up to 47 dB (up to sound insulation class V)
  • double design variety in the sash
  • design glazing bead for the interior
  • covered, non-visible drainage possible
  • covered hardware position for highest degree of protection against break-in
  • 5 chamber system
  • passive house suitable
  • great reinforcement chamber for ideal static strains
  • specially protected hardware chamber for ideal security
  • hidden drainage
  • different profile outlines for appealing optical characteristics (e.g. Round-line, E-Optics)
  • centre sealing system with three sealing levels
  • easy disconnection of profile and sealing for eco-friendly recycling


Only the mergence of window sash and pane makes the technology of adhesive bonding so special – this means that the steel reinforcement can be dispensed with and the heat insulation in the profile cross section can be improved by approx.20%.The slimmer sash profile appearance enables more light incidence in the living area, as well as even higher protection against break-in due to the continuous adhesive joint. .


  • more light incidence in the living area due to leaner appearance
  • 85 mm depth
  • 6 chamber profile centre sealing system with three sealing levels
  • double design variant in the window sash
  • large adhesive surfaces between glass and profile
  • glass pane load transfer takes place directly on the internal bars of the profil
  • approx. 20% better heat insulation in the profile cross section
  • increased protection from break-in in the area of the glass joint
  • secure bond between glass pane unit and sash prevents the sash profile from moving in relation to the glass
  • dimensionally stable sash even for special elements, such as triangular- arched windows etc.
  • sash does not sink during use




Energio Passiv®:

  • system solution: technology / invention protected by Elwiz S.A. Patent Application - No. P.396141)
  • Hardware: Retractable (covered)
  • Glazing standard: g = from 50% up to 62% for a window
  • Statics: glued in glass with two component glue: WINDOW TECHNOLOGY plus UD.
  • EPDM seal, drawn by hand
  • The parameters of Elwiz energio passiv steel free window
  • Uf value = 0.73 / 0,74 W/m2K
  • a = 0.09 (for a reference window) The declared value of a = 0.2 (leak tightness)
  • Class = IV
  • Uw = 0.65 W / (m 2 • K) for a reference window
  • Rw = from 32dB to 45dB
  • Available in a full color range (according to the ELWIZ S.A. price list).
  • Polystyrol enriched with graphite granules (BASF) is used as a filling these top numbers are result of glass being glued with the wing and special PBT, which makes the frame and wing stronger
  • dainty and classic look for much more daylight in the room
  • great sound insultion up to sound insultion class IV
  • glazing up to 52 mm thickness
  • WK2 protection class
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