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Sliding doors. They are becoming increasingly popular because they allow for free arrangement of space around them. After moving apart they can take go on the wall or hide in it.

In a variant of the going on the wall, sides are suspended with the wheelchair to the track, mounted on the top of the doorway or in the floor.

The most convenient variant for a sliding door is that hidden in the wall. After moving apart wings are invisible, and adjacent to the wall, so you can use them in any way. However, you need to install a special tape on the wall (aluminum or galvanized), which is incorporated in the door.

Sliding doors can be solid or glazed. They may be made of laminated wood of any species. They may have one or two wings, usually with a width of 80 to 100 cm. Width of sliding double doors must not exceed 240 cm.

We also offer folding–and-sliding doors, which are also called accordion. Special hardware system can make a group of doors for safe and easy moving them from side to side, while maximizing the opening and allowing easy access to the outside. The design is easy to implement and use in practice: folding doors consist of a maximum of seven wings, with one of the wings can be designed as temporary and handle them independently of other elements.

Sliding doors:

  • drewno klejone: sosna, meranti
  • painted with polyurethane paints or acrylics
  • seal in the door frame
  • hinges of Siegenia Aubi
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